ANTHEM (Prod. Tea Haze)

by Franc Friday

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Around the way, they call me a smooth talker /
a track rocker /
really, I'm fierce /
a mean-walker /
a head-knocker /
prone to setting things off proper /
my name ain't B.I.G. but they're calling me "Big Poppa"!

I said before, I'm introducing that new flow /
the crew know, I'm representing that new dough /
the cash flow is planned /
give me a hundred grand /
flip it for millies in minutes, they need to understand!
I've seen the future, I've seen the globe /
and it's in my hands /
This type of music, that's activating adrenal glands!
Ooh, they sweating /
I'm thinking they might be peaking, man /
give 'em a rush and I'm dipping out with the cash in hand /

Man, but really these willies /
they gotta feel me when I rock the mic /
I'm knocking 'em silly /
Yeah /
Somebody tell 'em I'm coming /
I'm moving, I'm running /
I'm stunning, going to hit 'em with something-- /
Watch as I turn up this real charm /
when I hit 'em with these lyrics /
I'm doing 'em real harm /
In the zone /
I'll never leave this rap shit alone /
and when I tell them that it's on, then it's on--what?!


Kicking flows, they the wickedest /
trying to knock my hustle? /
I find the concept ridiculous /
See the floss game meticulous /
this diva got demands /
my life planned down to particulars /
no parallels, I rise perpendicular /
Inclined to fly above these bullshit distributors /
Son, I'm out here working it /
when it come to spitting bars, I'm in charge /
I'm hurting shit /

Everything I bless platinumize /
flame in the eyes /
I'm out here trying to capitalize /
a word to the wise /
you never want to mess with these rhymes /
i'm destined climb /
beat 'em out like every time /
every rhyme I spit /
I be killing this shit /
as good as it gets /
schooled 'em, now class is dismissed /
cuz, uh, it's the E.M. to the T /
with Tea Haze /
We blaze, light 'em up /


I said I'm hitting 'em with that new flow /
so you know this dude goes /
he's splitting up wigs and afros /
channeling thoughts to astral (planes)
he's prone to wreck brains /
he's blowing their minds like cocaine /
again and again and it's profane /
they know the name /
they seen him sipping on champagne /
in the fast lane /
it's rad, man /
the next thing /
so come and join up with the campaign... what?


Check him out /
he a down town citizen /
always on the grind /
he inclined to get it in /
young cinnamon gentleman /
got mad discipline /
the dude run game like it was wimbledon (back and forth) /
niggas sweet, I need insulin /
i shake 'em up like ritalin /
and really just can't with these simpletons /
see they're faker than silicon /
I steal the show and kill the game like carcinogens


released June 3, 2013
Evynn Tyler McFalls (Franc Friday), Todd Hates (TEA HAZE), Eric Clapton (Fresh Cream)



all rights reserved


Franc Friday Reno, Nevada

Franc Friday & and producer Tea Haze are a nu-wave hip-hop and production duo hailing from Reno, Nevada. Inspired both by the classic producer-and-rapper format of the early nineties and the rapidly evolving human consciousness, the two produce records that juxtapose a timeless format against modern sensibility. ... more

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