by Franc Friday

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Lead single from "Saturnalia", the first Franc Friday mixtape (no longer available).


I could use my thoughts to penetrate /
the minds of the audience /
allow me to demonstrate /
kick rhymes to your dome /
so let us commemmorate /
this hip-hop savior /
call me Charles Xavier /
I see through these dudes like X-Rays /
I grind all day, run game like X-Play /
you heard that? /
Yung cat came to switch up the format /
and sip rose, nigga, pour that /
ain't a dude hotter /
I'm a tall glass of water /
copping mad cheese, like ricotta /
black boy primadonna /
and I'm laced up in gabanna /
bad, 'cause the devil wears prada /
oh, well, ain't no damn paralells /
money's got the pockets to swell /
and the name ringing bells /
test me, you're going to fail /
I'm a super man, call me Kal-EL /
suited up in Chanel!

Oh, la, la, la /
prone to cause a lot of brouhaha /
roll with the crew ma-ma /
you want to come to the crib ce soir? /
YOu want to call me (yo) Big Poppa? /
You heard I was the cocky type /
you wanna kick it, wanna rock me, right? /
These bitches want to go for the gold /
they want to fuck with a brotha /
wanna spin on the pole /

you dudes don't intimidate me /
I got you mapped out infinitely /
I been bad infamously /
and I know "me" intimately /
I grind unconditionally /
and win indiscriminately /
y'all pop shit frivolously /
but ain't no legitimacy /

Hoppin' out with an "S" on my chest /
these other dudes need a bullet proof vest /
and they're far from the best /
my rap game's easily deft /
I steal the show, it's a lyrical theft /
I shine, so consider me blessed /
you're wack, I consider you vexed /
lame dudes, take a seat to the left! /
Name check: you could call me the best, damn!


released September 9, 2012
E. T. McFalls (Franc Friday; writer, performer); N. Mills (Redfield Clipper; Producer)



all rights reserved


Franc Friday Reno, Nevada

Franc Friday & and producer Tea Haze are a nu-wave hip-hop and production duo hailing from Reno, Nevada. Inspired both by the classic producer-and-rapper format of the early nineties and the rapidly evolving human consciousness, the two produce records that juxtapose a timeless format against modern sensibility. ... more

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