by Franc Friday

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Paint a picture /
wisdom, written like scripture /
a mixture of images /
I'm the descriptor /
young prodigy, steady smacking this bitch up /
predictor of the future with the flows that I kick ya /

Dude known to kick flows for old souls /
heard he had a goal of taking upon the lead role! /
Untold what the future would hold /
a million dollar baby, swinging /
fortune favors the bold /

chased the scene /
fur coats and limousines /
moet chandon and more dough /
than you've ever seen /
armani suits and leather seams /
fly estates, higher stakes /
mad haze, and hella cream /
what a dream, what a fly state of being /
what night, what a life! What the future could bring! /
But that future could sting /
and every feature has its price, if you know what I mean... /
and on the other hand, heard "dude" was plotting with "man" /
those cats'll stick you for your paper /
just to get 'em a grand /
Word, y'all just don't understand /
that it's a cold, cold world /
that's the lay of the land /

it's the game that we play, the prizes immaterial /
living for the conquest /
mindset is imperial /
close your eyes and begin to realize /
and understand the lies that our kind's internalized /

to tell the truth, I ain't been no different /
used to think just like you, naive /
just like an infant /
gratification, I was needing it instant! /
Immediate need to fuel my ego /
frayed my existence /

and I paid the price for it /
a man now imprisoned by his mental inventions /
a lie that is believed in place of inner conviction /
a soul that's led astray by men with wicked intentions /
seeking validation like a fucking addiction /
everything that he believes, it might be a fiction /
it's time for me to free myself from mental constrctions /
and write it like i'm qualified to give out prescriptions... what?

Thought you had me pegged /
tried to leave me for dead /
and now my presence is ubiquitous /
I'm up in your head /
I think it's time that you fled /
you fly south, before I'm up in your mouth /
betta pay respect to FRANKLIN when you're up in my house /
truly, I would be happy without /
these Judas, BRUTUS type of brothers /
trying to snuff my light out /
hate me right out /
want to hide my mark, like white out /
angry that they couldn't see me /
like I poked their sight out /

Beware if you dare to do battle with mad flows /
I swear I'm about to put a scare to these assholes /
at mad shows, catch your dude strutting in rad clothes /
he on another level, he the rapping picasso! /
Woh, he do this shit like a natural /
he spit that futuristic 'bout to put 'em on BLAST flow /
I think it's time you bowing to the king of the castle /
and bet he's well equipped, so what you trying to clash for?


released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Franc Friday Reno, Nevada

Franc Friday & and producer Tea Haze are a nu-wave hip-hop and production duo hailing from Reno, Nevada. Inspired both by the classic producer-and-rapper format of the early nineties and the rapidly evolving human consciousness, the two produce records that juxtapose a timeless format against modern sensibility. ... more

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